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 Aplicaţia - COD

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Stefan de Nobili

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PostSubject: Aplicaţia - COD   Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:30 pm

Fişa se completează într-un topic nou. Aşteptaţi ca fişa voastră să fie acceptată.

[center]I am the one who lived forever,
I am infinite for the finite time
I am [size=20][b]FIRST[/b] [i]Middle[/i] [u]LAST[/u].[/size]

[img]Poza personajului[/img][/center]

[right][u]You think it's easy to change yourself in a 1000 years?[/u][/right]

[b]Full Name:[/b]
[i]Answer here[/i]

[i]Answer here[/i]

[i]Answer here[/i]

[i]Answer here[/i]

[i]Om sau Vampir şi nimic mai mult[/i]

[right][u]In this gray world, I can choose my colours.[/u][/right]

[i]Answer here, minim 6 .[/i]

[i]Answer here, minim 6 .[/i]

[i]Answer here.[/i]

[right][u]You will sink into my past, because it's darkness scares you.[/u][/right]

[i]Answer here[/i]

[i]Answer here[/i]

[b]Short History[/b]
[i]Answer here.[/i]

You’re so beautiful I’m being charmed and I’m
Thinking of you tonight, I can’t sleep

You’re so wonderful I’m going crazy and I
Can’t control it anymore I’m feeling dizzy
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Aplicaţia - COD
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